African Lily Flower Names

Feminine Form of. Tulbaghia africana L Kuntze.

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The African lily grows and flowers best in soil rich in humus.

African Lily Flower Names. Tulbaghia minor Lodd Kuntze. Agapanthus africanus African lily. The belladonna lily or Amaryllis also known as the naked lady plant is a South African plant that grows from a bulb.

Many of the species have become ornamental plants in the United States. Lilium canadense also known as the wild yellow-lily or meadow lily because its often found there has downward-facing flowers that are yellow on the outside with a contrasting maroonish coloring on the inside. The Citronella Asiatic Lily is a golden flower with speckled recurved petals.

Agapanthus africanus African lily is a flowering plant from the genus Agapanthus native to the area of Cape of Good Hope in South Africa. Take a roomy flower pot in which the plant can develop well. Although the most used common name is African liliy this plant goes by.

It was introduced to Europe at the close of the 17th century as a handsome greenhouse plant and is hardy outdoors in the south of England and Ireland if protected from severe frosts. Most agapanthus are hardy and their leaves die down in winter. Grows best in full sun or partial shade.

Download all free or royalty-free photos and vectors. Public domain via Wikimedia. Grows 3-5 feet tall.

Fill it with fresh potting soil and mix in sand for good drainage. These South African perennial plants are equally suitable for borders and large containers. African lilies are common ornamentals in warm climates grown for their large spherical flower clusters.

Classified as a deciduous succulent shrub it grows 2 to 9 feet tall. Bellflower or campanula grow in many areas of the world with varieties in North America the Southern Hemisphere and South Africa. Evergreen forms are more tender and usually need the shelter of a greenhouse from early winter to spring.

Agapanthus umbellatus is a member of the family Alliaceae and a native of the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa. Your African Lily Flower stock images are ready. What many people do not know is that this plant prefers to be potted on as infrequently as possible.

It flowers in fall but the leaves provide decoration throughout winter and spring. These genera include Cardiocrinum Notholirion Nomocharis and Fritillaria. Use them in commercial designs under lifetime perpetual.

It produces blooms on purple-green stems that tend to grow over 24 inches tall. Described below are some African flowers. The flowers are white and pink and bloom in clusters.

Some of the native flowering plant species of Africa include protea impala lily flame lily leopard orchid amaryllis ice plants freesias leopard orchid African daisy bird of paradise gazania and African iris. So start well with a spacious pot that will allow the plant to grow for a long time. Flowers and leaves will begin to develop on the plant in winter and they will last until summer.

The flowers are funnel-shaped and are pink or white. These lilies do not face up towards the sun as they are pendent. African Girl Names Means Flower.

The plant is suitable for USDA plant hardiness. Agapanthus look great when planted with drifts of ornamental grasses sun-loving rudbeckias and goldenrod Solidago. Agapanthus are known for their large blue drumstick-headed flowers in summer.

Learn how to grow Agapanthus in your garden with the RHS expert guide on choosing planting feeding pruning and propagating plants. For most of the year the plant does not produce leaves or flowers. The impala lily another South African flower species is a winter-blooming plant.

Agapanthus africanus lily of the Nile African lily Agapanthus africanus also called lily of the Nile perennial herbaceous plant of the amaryllis family Amaryllidaceae native to Africa. African lilies are perennial flowers that come from the plant family Amaryllidaceae to which daffodils also belong. According to Plantz Africa Agapanthus praecox along with its many hybrids and cultivars is the most common African lily species grown worldwide.

The clusters of trumpet-shaped flowers grow in a wide range of colors including blue pink violet and white and attract butterflies to the garden. African lily Agapanthus also called lily of the Nile is a summer-blooming perennial bulb that grows 12 to 60 inches tall. Blooms in early to mid-summer.

Mature bulbs can produce up to 20 blossoms per stem and will multiply to form clumps over the years.

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