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Schott 1829 is a genus of about 1000 species of flowering plants the largest genus of the arum family Araceae. Anthuriums are one of the most popular tropical flowers with a long vase life of about six weeks and even more depending on the variety and season.

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It typically grows to 16 tall.

Anthurium Flower Scientific Name. Angiosperms Flowering Plants Magnoliophyta Flowering Plants Division Alismatales Araceae Arum Family. History Anthuriums are commonly called flamingo flowers or tailflowers which include more than 600 flower species native around the entire tropical US. 1 A winner of the Royal Horticultural Society s Award of Garden Merit 2 it is one of the plants listed in the NASA Clean Air Study 3 4 as effective in removing formaldehyde xylene toluene and ammonia from the air.

Lorsque les fleurs sont fanees il suffit de couper la tige jaunie a 2 centimetres de la souche et den profiter pour eliminer les feuilles fanees. The much more conspicuous floral spathes are red pink green white cream or multicolored. Anthorium Tag Anturio Engl Anthurium Engl Flamingo flower Engl Flamingo lily Engl Laceleaf Engl Laquer anthurium Engl Oilcloth flower Engl Painters palette Engl Tall flower Engl.

The scientific name of this plant genus is anthurium spp. The name of the genus Anthurium is another imaginative Neo-Latin composite word which consists of the Ancient Greek ἄnthos flower kai oura tail. Anthurium Flamingo-lily Flamingo Flower Oilcloth-flower Tail Flower.

Each axillary flower. Taxonomic Tree Top of page. However it is not a legal authority for statutory or regulatory purposes.

Scientific Name Genus species Anthurium andraeanum Family Araceae. Plant flowers. It is an epiphytic evergreen tropical perennial of the Arum family that is most noted for its attractive waxy palette-shaped bright red spathes and contrasting dark green foliage.

Origin Native. It grows up to 18 m tall. Drooping heart-shaped dark green leaves to 8 long arise in a clump on long stems from the plant crown and are attractive year around.

Sie stammt aus dem tropischen Amerika. Anthurium originally from Mexico is a tropical perennial with big heart shaped flowers and shiny dark green foliage. White tiny sharp eged blooms green hairy foliage oval leaves strong hairy stems.

Anturium Tag Anthurium venustum Sodiro. Text STOP to opt-out HELP for more info. Less once in two days or three days.

Anthurium ae n ˈ thj uː r i ə m. Oilcloth flower Engl Examples of large-flowered Anthurium varieties are the tulip-shaped Marea. Tailflower Anthurium Flamingo flower.

Anthurium or gabi-gabi Scientific Name. The Anthurium is also known as Painted Tongue Flamingo Flower Flamingo Lily or Tail Flower. Common Names Anthurium Tailflower Flamingo flower and Laceleaf Scientific name.

Red White green yellow purple pink bicolor. General common names include anthurium tailflower flamingo flower 5 and laceleaf. Most common colors of anthuriums are red and shades.

The heart-shaped flower of Anthuriums is really a spathe or a waxy modified leaf flaring out from the base of a fleshy spike spadix where the tiny real flowers. Anthurium is the name of a group of perennial plants with more than 1000 species as members. Anthurium plants require lower temperature indirect light and proper aerated soil with medium water retention capacity.

Anthurium andraeanum commonly called flamingo lily or painters palette is native to Columbia and Ecuador. Origin Native. This ornamental garden plant and houseplant is native to Colombia and Ecuador.

Due to their exceptional flowers this plant is known by many other common names like Tail flower Painted tongue and Flamingo flower depending upon the color and shape of the flower from the particular species. White Pink Red Cream or Green. Anthurium andraeanum Linden ex Andre.

Scientific names are name used by scientists especially the taxonomic name of an organisms that consist of the genus and species. Anthurium venustum Sodiro Anthurium andraeanum is a flowering plant species in the family Araceae that is native to Colombia and Ecuador. White Lily Of The Nile African lily Agapanthus africanus Alba.

In turn they have Proto-Indo-European origin the first by the word h₂endʰos blossom sprout grass and the second by the word ors-a- tail.

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