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Camellia sinensis is a species of evergreen shrubs or small trees in the flowering plant family Theaceae whose leaves and leaf buds are used to produce tea. They make great specimen trees as they tend to grow larger but they do prefer a part to full shade position in the garden.

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Winters Star lavender-pink single blooms.

Camellia Flower Variety. This camellia variety matures up to 12 feet in height with spreads of about 10 feet. Across 12 cm and create a gorgeous floral display usually from late winter to spring. Winters Dream semidouble pink blooms.

They belong to the theaceae family that contains many species of ornamental camellias and the economically important tea plant. Single semi-double anemone form peony form rose form and formal double. Here are 20 of the most outstanding varieties.

Tea varieties are always white-flowered. Geary Serpas a long time Head Judge from Atlantic Coast Camellia Society has. Gardeners should plant this shrub in areas large enough to handle its spreading habit.

The full flowering period of Camellias is the end of winter. The SCCS Nomenclature gives you that information but this is a very time consuming process to separately look up each bloom. This shrub prefers partially shady positions and slightly acidic soils.

The Japanese camellia blooms pink red white or striped flowers. The leaves and flowers of the Japonica tend to be bigger in size than the Sasanqua varieties the leaves themselves are quite glossy in appearance. Lila Naff Camellia This variety of Camellia japonica bears soft silvery pink blooms in mid- to late spring on a shrub that is slow growing and upright.

Camellia flowers throughout the genus are characterized by a dense bouquet of conspicuous yellow stamens often contrasting with the petal colors. The evergreen shrub grows to a maximum height of 10 feet. Camellia japonica William Barlett late blooming camellias which attract attention by their pink-white spotted blossoms.

Camellia reticulata Camellia hiemalis Camellia vernalis and their hybrids are less commonly used in landscapes. These evergreen shrubs of heather earth then offer between six and seven months of uninterrupted. The blooms can reach 5 in.

They range in color from purest white to soft pink to darkest red and may be single semi-double double. Flowers may be white pink red or streaked and blooms can be single or double. Camellia Flowers 47 Pics Camellia Japanese bush with full blooming with tons of camellia petals on the ground Camellia bush with red camellia flowers Japanese Camellia flower Tree with hot pink flowers and yellow center.

Among the most glamorous shrubs camellias are upright or spreading glossy-leaved evergreens with white pink or red flowers. The evergreen and glossy leaves are simple thick and serrated. The young leaves of another species Camellia sinensis are processed for tea one of the worlds most popular drinks.

For a true yellow camellia flower look to varieties of Camellia chrysantha. Another variety Camellia sinensis is the species of plant whose leaves are responsible for most of the. Camellia japonica Hagoromo light red blossoms and bright yellow pistil are the hallmarks of this breed.

Indoor plants often attract mealy bugs scale and aphids. White and Antique Varieties. There are numerous species of Camellia about 250 but the Camellia types commonly grown as landscape shrubs are Camellia sasanqua Camellia japonica and hybrids of these.

Winters Fire with semidouble to peony-form hot pink flowers in midwinter. Camellia flowers have 6 different shapes. Most camellia varieties have medium to large flowers that range from white to pink to red and stand out in high contrast to the deep green foliage.

This camellia is a miniature flower that blooms early and is considered one of the hardiest types of camellias. Japonica is a variable upright to. They flower from winter to late spring.

It is usually 3 to 4 inches wide and features pink petals with deep pink veins and golden stamens. Impressive in shrub borders they are also ideal for containers and you can also grow them more informally in light woodland beneath deciduous trees. They are generally a slower growing plant than the Sasanqua.

The blooms can reach 5 in. It gets up to 3 feet high and loves moist soil and partial shade and it looks beautiful in large tubs and containers. Winters Waterlily white winter double.

Camellia japonica is the predominant species of the genus and counts over 30 000 cultivars in a wide array of flower forms and colors. Camellia japonica was later designated as the specific variety of the state flower in 1999. Its shapely habit handsome glossy foliage and fabulous flowers have attracted gardeners for hundreds of years in Japan China and Korea.

Camellia japonica Margaret Davis the blooming period of this camellia beauty starts in January. This flower can be either a semi-double or an anemone form with large petals. It grows 20 feet tall and 12 feet wide.

Camellia Japonica Rosea Plena A Formal Double Ancient Variety Flower Decorations Camellia Flowers. Camellia sinensis yields flowers that produce tea but it is not as ornamental as the other species. The so-called fruit of camellia plants is a dry capsule sometimes subdivided in up to five compartments each compartment containing up to eight seeds.

One of the most time consuming things done at the sizingcontention table is to determine which varieties are classified as White or Antique Pre-1900. Common names include tea plant tea shrub and tea tree not to be confused with Melaleuca alternifolia the source of tea tree oil or Leptospermum scoparium the New Zealand tea tree. It blooms profusely over the course of four weeks and it has beautiful glossy leaves that perfectly complement its shell-pink overlapping petals.

Winters Charm pink peony form. The flower displays occur in the early spring for cooler climates and from autumn to spring in warmer climates. Camellias are evergreen shrubs with dark glossy leaves.

Selections include Polar Ice and Snow Flurry with white anemone-form blossoms. The flowers can be a range of different types from single to semi-double and double. Across 12 cm and create a gorgeous floral display usually from late winter to spring.

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