How to Kill & Control Palmetto Bugs

Palmetto Bugs
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Palmetto Bug Fact

Palmetto bugs earned their nickname because they are known to hide under the leaves of palm trees. They were introduced by trade with Africa and enjoy hiding in dark, protected places like frond crevices on a tree or behind bookshelves for long periods of time when not necessary feeding.

Palmetto Bug Bites

For the most part, palmetto bugs are harmless to humans. But in extreme infestations, they have been known to nibble on people when there is no other food available. The bites aren’t serious and should cause nothing more than a small red mark (sometimes).

Palmetto bugs are disgusting, disease-carrying pests who make their homes in sewers and drains. They love to eat decaying food scraps and animals. These cockroaches can easily contaminate kitchen counters with feces, saliva or dead skin cells that have been tracked there by the bug’s five feet long antennae! Palmetto bugs also carry a variety of diseases which they transmit through contact with contaminated surfaces such as your clean dishes or dinner table centerpiece. Symptoms include vomiting, stomach cramps and diarrhea but some people have allergic reactions like sneezing rashes an even asthma attacks when these creatures come into contact with them!

Palmetto Bug Infestation

Palmetto bugs are the cockroaches of the south. They like to hang out in large groups, sometimes with hundreds or thousands at a time and find safe places that are damp and dark. Palmetto Bugs seek shelter under palm leaves, inside hollow trees near shrubs as well as wood piles which include your house’s foundation if it has cracks; furthermore they might even be hiding among shingles on top of your roof!

Palmettos are so stubborn and loveable! These resilient insects can live for 2 to 3 months without food and a month without water, but they prefer sweet or starchy foods. You may find them moving from one place of residence (garbage) to another at night while looking for tasty treats.

Female palmetto bugs will lay one egg capsule of 14 to 16 eggs every week and can produce up to 90 capsules in their lifetime. The eggs are less than half an inch long, dark brown and placed near food by the female for protection until they hatch after around two months. Young nymphs that first hatch from the egg grow lighter as it molts 9-13 times before becoming adults at a year old or older with females living longer due to laying more eggs over time.

Types of Palmetto Bugs

Palmetto Bug Identification

Palmetto bugs are one of the largest types of cockroaches and can grow as long as 1.5 inches or more. Males and female palmetto bugs both have wings.

Palmetto bugs are common names for a number of bigger, badder insects, including cockroaches and waterbugs.

Palmetto Bugs In The Home & The Apartment

These bugs are bad. They go inside during floods or when outside conditions are not good and look for dark, moist spaces to hide. They might be in your basement, sewers, crawl spaces, drains or your dirty laundry basket! You can also find them near the bathtub and garbage can.

Palmetto bugs are rare to find during the day. You may not notice a problem until it is too late. Then you will have a big problem because they like things with glue or starch so they can eat them. If you see chew marks on curtains, stamps, envelopes and bookbindings, and shed skins and droppings

Frequently Asked Questions About American Cockroaches

Do palmetto bugs bite?

American roaches eat plants, garbage or decaying meat. They would be more likely to bite someone’s fingernail, eyelash or hair than they would a person. Their bites are not harmful.

Do palmetto bugs fly?

Some insects, like cockroaches, have wings. They fly short distances and might even glide from the top of a building or tree. It is rare to see them flying in cooler temperatures because when it’s below 85°F, they don’t fly.

What attracts palmetto bugs?

American cockroaches love the warm, humid weather. They look for dark and wet places in your house like under sinks, in sewers or in crawlspaces. You will most likely find them near those places.

Benefits of Professional Palmetto Bug Pest Control

A pest management professional is someone who has the education, equipment and skills to get rid of bugs. Finding and treating the cockroaches can be hard because they hide during the day. When roach bombs don’t work, a pest management professional can find out what type of bug you have and how to treat it.