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Simply choose a sunny location and plant them in well-draining soil. The UFIFAS Assessment of Non-Native Plants lists Lantana camara as invasive.

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Lantana Confetti Flower. Known for its carefree nature lantana is grown as an annual in northern regions and a broadleaf evergreen shrub or ground cover in frost-free climates. Lantana Confetti or Lantana Camara grow and care isnt a difficult process at all. Leaves are dark green and aromatic with coarsley toothed edges simple opposite elliptical to lanceolate 34 to 3 long 12 to 1 12 wide.

Each blossom head frequently showcases multiple hues creating a kaleidoscope of color. Want maximum color combined with minimal work. It is easy to find in local nurseries and garden supply stores.

The flowers typically change color as they mature resulting in inflorescences that are two- or three-colored. Blossom shades vary including lavender orange red rose pink gold and white. They prefer to grow in a location with plenty of full sun exposure and they are great in pots and used in a patio garden.

My main complaint about lantana has nothing to do with invasiveness however. Lantana flowers measure 1 to 2 inches across and are comprised of numerous smaller blooms arranged in a sphere. Lantana Confetti is a very easy to grow plant with a fast growth rate.

The most common lantana is a non-native species Lantana camara. Dark Purple Lantana Plant. Mulching with pine needles is an easy way to increase acidity levels in the soil.

Beautiful flowers that last from spring till frost and will all deepen with age. It comes in many different colors and can bloom year-round in tropical climates. Lantana camara Confetti Shrub-like lantana with an upright growth habit.

It is good for baskets or training into standards. This Lantana tree form topiary delivers quantities of festive magenta rose peach and yellow flower clusters on drought and heat tolerant plants. Topiary forms are perfect for accenting borders or displaying in containers.

Lantana Confetti are beautiful very hardy drought tolerant plants that flower all summer longflower all summer long. Blooms are tri-colored yellow pink and purple. Ideal groundcover or low spreading border.

Its that they become woody weedy shrubs in a couple of years–losing whatever attractiveness they. Lantana flowers feature a remarkable trait. Lantanas are planted in spring once the threat of cold weather and frost have ceased.

Other colors exist as new varieties are being selected. The colors can vary from white blue red orange and yellow. Trailing lantana Lantana montevidensis is a low-growing spreading plant that produces a profusion of lavender purple or white flowers which also attract butterflies.

They are one of my all-time favorites. Once established they require little to moderate watering and have a high tolerance to drought. This variety often is referred to as trailing lantana or shrub verbena.

Lantana plants produce numerous heads of vividly-colored flowers that are highly attractive to hummingbirds and butterflies. Beautiful Lantana Confetti Theres Nothing Like Them. 895 Shipping Spring 2021 – view dates here.

Produces masses of yellow pink and purple flowers. That said choosing the right lantana variety is not always so simple. Although these plants are tolerant of many soil conditions lantana flowers prefer slightly acidic soil.

The cheerful flower clustersin a rainbow of single and multi-huesbloom nonstop from late spring through frost and nearly year-round in warmer climates. Tolerates heat and drought when established in the landscape. Drought salt deer tolerant.

Confetti Lantana Plants offer masses of flower clusters in yellow pink purple and wine-colored hues. Masses of pink yellow and magenta flowers. Pretty flower on a prickly bush.

Since its a volunteer I suppose it is considered invasive. Beautiful flowers that last from spring till frost and will all deepen with age. 895 Shipping Spring 2021 – view dates here.

Lantana Confetti are simply amazing. What is great about this plant is that the blooming time lasts longer than other flowers. Flower clusters are composed of a number of small tubular flowers.

895 Shipping Spring 2021 – view dates here. Check out our Confetti info. Compact growth habit and is great for attracting butterflies.

Shipped in a 10 nursery pot. Dallas Red Lantana Plant. Beautiful spreading habit useful in natural form to brighten flower beds mass as a ground cover or use as a low hedge.

In fact when a lantana plant is label simply as Common Lantana its extremely likely its a camara cultivar. But since its the only volunteer Ive seen on my property in 15 years Ill try to resist becoming hysterical about it. There are many varieties with different colors.

This is one you and the pollinators cant do without. Confetti are easy to care for and very drought tolerant. When planted in good soil they need little or no additional.

Compact growth habit and. Its often used ornamentally in flower gardens. Crinkled rich green leaves cover this completely branched mound.

Lantanas aromatic flower clusters called umbels are a mix of red orange yellow or blue and white florets.

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