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They are drought-tolerant too but will flower more when watered regularly. David Nevala Photography Landmark Pink Dawn Lantana Lantana Landmark Pink Dawn offers creamy yellow flowers that mature to soft pink.

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Lantana is a perennial flowering plant and many types of flowers bloom on this plant such as white red purple blue.

Lantana Flower Type. For indoor planting you should keep this plant in a place where there is good sunlight. Product Flower Feature – Heat Lover. Lantana nursery species are derived primarily from Lantana camara and Lantana montevidensis a trailing form.

Camara has small tubular shaped flowers which each have four petals and are arranged in clusters in. As a bonus many lantana species also have a herby fragrance to their leaves. These flower clusters are borne on stalks originating in the leaf forks.

It grows 4 to 5 feet high and wide and sports orange red or yellow flowers. Lantanas also make a great choice for those wishing to attract. Commonly known as buttonsage Lantana Involucrata refers to a type of Verbenaceae species that produces pristine white flowers composed of white florets with just a hint of golden-yellow in the center.

The next flush of growth will yield even more flowers than before. Lantana montevidensis is a wild form with lavender-purple flowers on a plant that can reach 3 feet tall and 4 feet wide. It is a perfect choice for a low-maintenance landscape.

Lantana lan-tan-uh is a genus of about 150 species of perennial flowering plants in the verbena family Verbenaceae. If you spot a trailing lantana with yellow flowers or flowers in other colors then it will be the result of a trailing lantana hybrid which has typically been crossed with a common lantana. There are several varieties available that offer a multitude of colors.

In Zone 7b it is critical to buy lantana and establish it in the garden before September so it develops a good root mass before cold weather arrives. The flowers can be a wide variety of colours ie. The clusters of flowers borne by the lantana plants called umbels are a mix of red orange yellow or blue and white florets.

The flowers attract butterflies hummingbirds and insect pollinators. Lantana common lantana curse of India kamara lantana Family. Lantana has many flower colors to choose from including yellow orange pink and bi-color.

They are sometimes confused with oregano or marjoram. They are native to tropical regions of the Americas and Africa but exist as an introduced species in numerous areas especially in the Australian – Pacific region South and Northeastern part of India. It grows about 1 foot tall and up to 6 feet wide with lavender or white flowers.

Lantana plants are known for their rounded clusters of small brightly colored flowers. Trailing varieties can even be grown in hanging baskets. Lantana plants for the garden can flower all year in warmer climates.

Spreads up to 3 feet maximizing landscape. The growing and care of lantanas Lantana camara is easy. A member of the verbena family it is native to tropical regions of the Americas and South Africa.

Also known as Spanish flag lantana thrives in hot. Red orange yellow blue and purple flowers are easy to come by. There are now dwarf forms of the plant as well as the trailing and bushy varieties of lantana.

These flowers are very beautiful in appearance and many people plant this plant in the balcony top roof and indoor. Due to extensive selective breeding throughout the 17th and 18th Centuries for use as an ornamental plant there are now many different L. Product Flower Feature – Drought Tolerant.

Most people dislike the smell of the flowers that bloom from this plant. Depending on the region and type grown lantana plants can be treated as annuals or perennials. This makes lantana a very hardy plant.

High resolution Image 50591 kb. The flowers typically change color as they mature resulting in a multicolored inflorescence. Common lantana Lantana camara is a rounded shrubby plant that you sometimes see in older gardens in the Deep South.

Wild lantana Lantana horrida found in Texas and other warm arid regions has pungently scented leaves. Lantana is a genus consisting of more than 150 species of flowering plants in the Verbena family. Flowers appear at the end of stems throughout the plant.

One of the most endearing traits of lantanas is that their blooms change color as the season progresses so a yellow flower might eventually morph into an orange or reddish bloom sometimes with more than one shade on a single petal. Lantana camara is a small perennial shrub which can grow to around 2 m tall and form dense thickets in a variety of environments. As mentioned above they are also tolerant of salt and heat.

Camara is the most cultivated form of the group. The flowers can be red orange yellow pink purple and white. Montevidensis has thinner more pliable stems and spreads rather than mounding.

Flowers are predominantly lilac in color with deep yellow or white centers unlike other types of lantana which come in several color variations. Horticulturists have put lantana species through heavy hybridization to create an enormous array of lantana options. Grow lantana flowers in the garden or in containers.

The flowers may be yellow orange white red or purple and often colors are mixed within the same cluster creating a bicolored effect. White yellow orange red pink or multi-coloured. Its mature fruit 5-8 mm across are glossy in appearance and black purplish-black or bluish-black in colour.

Maximum color maximum coverage. Though there are 150 different species those most widely available to home gardeners are Lantana camara and modern hybrids. These verbena-like flowers have long since been admired for their extended bloom time.

Product Flower Feature – Pollinator Friendly. All lantana enjoy full sun.

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