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In their native environment they bloom on shrubs and small trees and tend to be in the shape of a pincushion. Some Popular Types of Protea You Can Grow.

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One of the best known most easily available online is Starlight which has masses of dainty flowers and a perfect choice for smaller low maintenance low water use gardens.

Protea Flower Types. King Protea The King of all Flowers – Cynaroides Predominately pink in color there are a few select bushes which produce dark red and almost white kings but these are rare. Red Flower Red Protea. Among the most common are Ladismith Protea Giant Wooly Beard Bot River Protea and King Protea.

The Protea King White always creates comments with its white buds and tremendous large flowers – the biggest of all. Wash spades and equipment used for seed beds or for mulching with a strong fungicide before using near proteas. They are fairly large and occur in many colours and forms.

It has gray-green leaves and produces deep. The protea called Rose Mink Protea laurifololia Rose Mink is an example of this type growing 8 to 10 feet in height with a width of 6 to 8 feet. The bracts are sometimes close to the flower whilst on some varieties they fan out and show off the white heart clearly.

Protea neriifolia x susannae The spectacular pink blooms of this hybrid cultivar make it one of the worlds most popular cut flowers. The common Proteaceae plants eg. The king protea is the national flower of South Africa.

Possum Magic Protea Magnifica x longifolia Raspberry Frost Banksia menziesii Red Gym Leucadendron Rose Mink Protea laurifolia Special Pink Ice Protea neriifolia x susannae King Protea Protea cynaroides King White. Protea are tropical flowers native to South Africa and as such like to be kept in warm conditions. The general structure of their flower heads consists of a mass of flowers on a woody receptacle.

Its also the hardiest of all proteas. Its golden foliage gleams in the sunshine. Protea cynaroides also called the king protea is a flowering plantIt is a distinctive member of Protea having the largest flower head in the genus.

Learn more about fresh cut Proteas here. These exotic flowers can be found all over the world however as they are used extensively by florists. Pink white yellow green orange and red are the most common.

The ovary is protected by the receptacle thus is not seen when looking at the flower but the anthers are present at the top of the flower which can then easily transfer the pollen to the vectors. KING PROTEA A spreading shrub with majestic large pink velvety fls from Autumn to SpringHas adapted to a wide range of well drained soil typesPrune to size and shape in Spring. Protea Leucospermum and.

Protea flower comes in white purple red orange yellow and green color. The flowers of these unusual beauties resemble pincushions. Knives shears and secateurs should be regularly sterilized using a strong disinfectant clean.

Next page 175 Free images of Protea. Protea pink ice shot in Melbourne Australia Proteas are found in Africa Australia and south America. Purple Protea flower is indeed extraordinary.

Proteas are prone to a large variety of diseases most of them inconsequential in nature but a bane to gardeners who have only a few plants. The average size of the head is 6 inches across. If you want to show someone you trust them completely and care a lot about them gift them a beautiful white Protea flower.

Protea scolymocephala Thistle Protea is a dainty shrub bearing abundant pink-tinged creamy-green flowerheads in winterspring ideal for small gardens on the sandy flats. There are over 130 different species of Protea flowers. It is the national flower of South Africa.

All of these are tender perennials native to Africa and Australia. The species is also known as giant protea honeypot or king sugar bushIt is widely distributed in the southwestern and southern parts of South Africa in the fynbos region. The flowers feature silvery-white fringed bracts giving them a frosted appearance.

The flower itself is an incredible floral arrangement. There are some seriously cool and funky varieties of Protea available here so why not give them a try. This flower has bright-green spiky leaves and creamy-yellow tips that perfectly complement its petals which are dark-pink at the bottom and turn lighter pink towards the top of the plant.

Birds Nest Banksia baxteri Spider Leucospermum. Cultivation of Protea Flowers. Proteas usually flower during spring.

Leucadendron Corringle Gold is another beautiful variety. Leucospermum is related to Protea and the resemblance is clear. Proteas flowers are surrounded by coloured – often hairy – bracts.

White Protea flower symbolizes integrity honesty pure spirit faith religion and innocence. Since the Proteacan be pollinated by the wind insects rodents and birds the ancients believed that these flowers were a symbol of those pollinators in flower form. It also has a beautiful dark-pink cone-like center making it irresistible for people who love the colors red and pink.

The colours range from pale to dark pink with white and saffron tones around the flower.

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